So just what is CONNECT?

Our values are in our name! We believe tango is at its best when open-hearted connection is the focus, both on and off the dance floor. Our goal is to provide a festival that fully embodies this concept by carefully selecting elements that enhance connection, and removing elements that hinder it. We carefully choose instructors, DJs, food, and an environment that reflect our values. At CONNECT, you won't find any classes full of figures, long announcements, performances or lack of role-balance to impede your experience.

Can I just buy a milonga pass or drop in on a milonga or two?


Our mission statement is best supported when everyone is all-in on the weekend. We believe seeing the same 160 faces consistently for three days of intensive study, social dancing, and connecting greatly enhances the atmosphere of connection. So, we offer one pass for one low price. Come to just the classes, just the milongas, or just sit in the lobby and eat toast all day. Once you buy a pass, you're in for everything, as much or as little as you like. 


What if I have a special circumstance and can only come for one day or something?


Well, the hope would be that you would make it work to come for all three days. If you can't, and you can't afford to buy a full pass or some other circumstance arises, write us a message on the contact form and explain what's going on. We'll do our best to make it possible for you to come. 

Why is follower registration wait list-only?


We thought having a wait list from the beginning would enable all followers the opportunity to obtain a pass equally and fairly. Closing/reopening registration requires people to stalk the registration page, or get lucky and hope they see the reopen notification early. This is a lower stress option, and we at CONNECT are aaallllllll about low stress.

Why do you charge extra for dinner?


Our magnificent caterer is both a perfectionist and a stickler for detail. When she asks how many people she needs to feed, she expects an accurate number. Experience has taught us that charging for the meal is by far the best way to get an accurate count.

Where should I stay while i'm in Ashland?


Visit our lodging page for more information, and if you're looking for a someone to share a room with, post on our facebook page.


I'm driving from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco or another nearby city. Are there people who'd like to rideshare?


We recommend that you post on our facebook page: this has been the most effective method of pairing up rideshares. 


Do you have a refund policy?


Because we are a role-balanced, attendance-capped event, we base our budgeting on selling 160 full passes. Therefore, we are not able to offer refunds - however, we do allow for pass transfers. If you purchase a pass and then discover that you won't be able to attend, you can sell you pass to a dancer of the same role as you. Let us know and we'll swap the names out on the registration list. 


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